Blind Drive Ahead Era (DEMOS) - 12/1/15
POLARITY - 4/28/17


A short-story by yours truly...

CONVECTION [kuh n-vek-shuh n] 


1. The act of conveying or transmitting.

2. (Physics) the transfer of heat by the circulation or movement of the heated parts of a liquid or gas.

3. (Meteorology) the process by which masses of relatively warm air are raised into the atmosphere, often cooling and forming clouds, with compensatory downward movements of cooler air which, when strong enough, can develop into showers and/or thunderstorms. In certain cases, this process can create severe weather and is often associated with some of the most extreme weather events around the world... even across the universe.

> CONVECTION: Used as a metaphor for the never ending cycle between forces to constantly attempt arrival at a more balanced equilibrium... <

     ^ (Referenced from the Dictionary.com definition)

     In the beginning, there was silence. All that was here in existence was without movement or resonance, yet filled with boundless untapped potential. During that time, the world was a quiet, lonely place, completely overtaken by the shadows and ghosts of silence. The future was bleak and hopeless it seemed, and there was no direction. Then one day, an object appeared in this world that would change the course of history. Three sided, flat, equilateral in shape, and rounded on the tips, this object moved closer until it made contact. In the fastest of strokes, the surface had been plucked... as immediately as this happened, the world was filled with movement, color, and resonance, which echoed throughout the spaces within. This action was repeated over and over again by the celestial movements of an immensely powerful wizard named O'Brien 'The Creator' millions and trillions of times thereafter. The movements and resonance became sounds and tones, which became riffs that, coupled with vocal melody, morphed into songs, which years later shaped an album - "Into Darkness".
     Throughout this period (especially towards the end), other forces of the cosmos combined to form a fellowship of synced motions, able to perform these experimental pieces as one for others to contemplate and digest audibly in such a way meant to assist in forming your own conclusions. The Creator, even before the completion of the first cycle, endowed this fellowship forever-on with the title -"The Fellowship of the Weather Wizards" - because of his uncanny obsession with nature and meteorological phenomena.
     As Cycle 1 came to a close, the wizards progressed through extensive reshaping and development, and experimented further and further, which actually took a toll at times. The fellowship began coming to false conclusions with its sound and started succumbing to unbelievably destructive and dangerous galactic forces which pressured the band to change in an unbalanced and chaotic way, creating a rift in the cosmos. This drove the band to the brink of destruction; their music had become tainted. Misunderstandings and conflict ended in quarrel, and some parted ways with the fellowship during this time... including the collective talents of Christopher 'The Jester'.
     These outside forces were in vain however, as those who remained came to find reconciliation in a new direction by clearing away the debris of the past and beginning anew. This debris, although beautiful in some ways, was left behind in hopes that it would one day come to pass in a new light, when the time became right. It was tucked away and declared the "Blind Drive Ahead" era (Cycle 1.5). Only a few of these pieces are known by man to exist, even to this day.
     The blank slate was the cure thereafter, and the next phase began. At the onset, a difficult parting of ways with the forces of Sir Matthew 'The Elder Pagan' served as a cold reminder of the past, but solidified the future. A never before seen force who called himself Borris 'The Scourge', had arrived from the distant lands of the north during the end times of Cycle 1.5, and stayed for the long haul during the parting. He was reawakened anew, to become Lord of the Lower Ends and the Yin & Yang prophecies between 'The Creator' and 'The Scourge' were quickly becoming truth. Around the same time as the parting, the stars aligned to point the way toward a new voice, and a new sound. This voice became a force to be reckoned with; untapped and unrealized. Known as Benjamin 'The Destroyer', this creature developed amicably, thus becoming an undeniable asset to the new cycle and the band as a whole being the forefront and lyrical deliverer. The forces of The Scourge, The Creator, and The Destroyer, combined to begin the ascension of Cycle 2 - "POLARITY". The next step was to complete the balance.
     Our next development would come from the past to fuel the fire of the fellowship even further after a long overdue reunion. Named Jacobson 'The Enforcer', his undeniable solid riffage would be the key to a strong and cohesive tenor string alliance. He had been in the fellowship from basically ground zero, as he was actually the FIRST to join the line. Things would certainly be different had Alpha & Omega not reconciled. This act brought forth a pinnacle of dedication and trust between brothers. Both sides of the Yin ('THE CREATOR' / 'THE ENFORCER') & Yang ('THE SCOURGE' / 'THE DESTROYER') had finally arrived at celestial equilibrium. The next move was finding the integral circle to surround, support, and defend the balance.
     With that, we came to near the end of our trek so far, and Cycle 2 began to come together. We completed this ludacris undertaking in two years, through pain, hardship, blood, sweat, and tears. All the while the universe was our guide in the search for balance and understanding, providing us the willpower to continue on. This became the story of 'POLARITY' - The eternal quest for balance in all things and the search for these truths via thought and reasoning. OPEN YOUR MINDS. We are ALL human, lest not our petty differences divide us, accept them, let them give us strength enough as unique individuals to unite as one and the same.
     The fellowship embarked on a short broken trek in support of 'POLARITY' across the region, but we were still missing the final fellow, the last line of defense, the GLUE.
     Shortly after we wrapped up our year of travel as a quartet, we were bestowed a miracle. Our finishing touch - THE S.O.B. (Sorcerer of the Beats) came in the form of a magical, mystical being only found in folklore more commonly known as 'Math' lore... Fodor the MATADOR had appeared! What a miraculous turn of events it was when the enforcer came across this enchanted force by chance, or maybe it was a translation of the universe's energy guiding us to completion of our fellowship eternal. Either way we are forever thankful and proud of his many accomplishments these past months of battle, and are looking forward to more great discoveries in our travels.

As for our next endeavor...
     Recently it has come to the Weather Wizards' attention that there is a great disturbance in the cosmos. In order to progress more fluently in our exploration of new artistic methods and neutralize this entity, we must complete our quest to better ourselves; we're going to be crossing a lot of lines soon. Yours truly will be venturing off planet to begin a trek across the universe in search of knowledge and truth. We feel this constant driving need to explore and grow into our surroundings, especially those of which are EXTRA-terrestrial, and we believe everyone should understand and accept this feeling themselves, for it is our purpose - to create, explore, and thrive. The Earth has never really been alone in this trek..... We've acquired keys to doors of untapped potential of which have been opened periodically, and expect you will see a glimpse of the results shortly after the upcoming winter solstice.

     This has been our trek so far...

     In many instances, it was as if the universe had aligned with our energies to communicate a need for balance. This shall be the way of life if we are to survive - unification, enlightenment, and understanding. We are all one; energy that may change its physical form, yet cannot be created nor destroyed. This became our eternal motive - to journey through life in search of true meaning and purpose, to continually search for balance in all things, to communicate and grow as individuals and unite as one, and to share this knowledge with others. All is not simply 'black or white'. 'Good' is not always good, and 'Bad' is not always bad. Opposites exist for each other; eliminate one side and you annihilate the other. OPEN YOUR MINDS. We hope this knowledge will in some way lift the shroud of confusion and lies away from our eyes as human beings, helping to progress the world into better times of understanding and enlightenment. There is still so much we don't know... but why should that scare us? Why should that divide us? Such is our purpose - to help you answer these questions and more; let us be your catalyst. ...Let us unite as one.

               We are Convection, and this is our story so far...

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About the Band

 Ben Forbes (Front Vocals, Guitar):


     Ben Forbes, a practicing human, is a character who is currently and always in search of answers in regard to what planet he is really from.  When asked about his belief in his extraterrestrial origin, all he said was “I don’t know, man. I don’t remember being born here! Do you?”  Ben has always been heavily influenced by hard rock and metal music.  He accredits this to his father who at an early age introduced him such bands as Metallica, KoRn, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, etc.  However when with his mother, he would hear such things as Christina Aguilera, KC and the Sunshine Band, Elton John, and the soundtracks to many different Disney movies.  Creating what he calls a heavy metal fruitcake.  Overall he is “hella stoked” about the “dope-ass” opportunity to play with such a tight and talented group as Convection.

Brian Ellis (Lead Guitar, Vocals):


     Born into a life of music and creativity, this character was most influenced at an early age by artists such as Rush, Guns n' Roses, and Ozzy Osbourne / Black Sabbath. The first instrument ever touched was a drumset at age three. He's kept exceptional time since that age and continues to experiment with time signatures and tempos constantly. Brian picked up guitar at age 7 and subsequently became a multi-instrumentalist at the age of 10 by taking on the drums. He mastered both of these by the age of 16 but will sustain that there is ALWAYS room to grow. Other instruments learned include Bass, Trumpet, and a bit of Keyboard / Synth. He's got the goods in the music world i guess... and he also has a BIT of an ego, as you may have noticed here. No surprise there - if you knew him you'd understand. Either way, as the caretaker and creator of CONVECTION, he takes on a great deal of responsibility. Protective as hell and dedicated beyond belief, there is no rest for the wicked in this case... nor for the egotistical bastards. In all honesty, he's humble and respectful towards those who deserve it - other fellow musicians, artists, fans, family, friends, bandmates, etc. After performing 95% of the recordings and instruments on "INTO DARKNESS", he's been able to include more of a band appeal for more recent releases. After all, that has been his goal since the beginning.

      "I find that success is not how big or popular you are, fuck that. Success is relative; many things are actually. I feel success when I'm happy doing what I love and when I'm doing so with the people I love and care about. It's not about the money, it's about the journey, and the lessons learned. Success is dying happy because you've done what you've wanted to do your whole life, and you wouldn't change it for anything. Fuck all that being rich with a big house and fifteen cars and shit - I'd rather get struck by lightning while double-fisting beers." (which is quoted as impossible by him) "I want to be able to sit back, pour some Yeager & Cranberry, and watch the sunset thinking 'I did it, I lived life, I made it, I made a difference, and I would trade it for nothing.' That's the dream, my dream." - Bri Guy

     Brian's position in the band today (aside from doing the recording, mixing, production, and being the temporary band leader/manager) is as the Lead Guitarist / Vocalist. His more recent influences include but are not limited to: Periphery, Tool, Deftones, APC, Twelve Foot Ninja, TesseracT, Plini, Monobody, and Sithu Aye. He expects great things for the band and its future, and won't give it up for anything. Not even a free unlimited supply of ALL the alcohol and Chinese food he could ever want. Now THAT'S dedication.

 Steven Jacobs (Guitar, Vocals):


     Steven Jacobs, the man with a plan, plays a huge role in keeping the band together. This character is great at spotting and dealing with the small problems while keeping the band's finances straight, keeping a firm foundation, and providing valuable insight in general. His earliest exposure to music came in the form of bands like August Burns Red, Bullet for my Valentine, and SOAD to name a few. He picked up a guitar during his middle school years and subsequently began leveling up. He became friends with Chris Healey (our old lead guitarist from Cycle 1) and they played in a local house band together for a while. This is actually the same band Brian and Steven were in together when Brian filled in on Bass for a show. Shortly after that early in their high school years, Steven and Chris joined Brian in his ongoing unreleased project called 'Convection'. They played a small assortment of shows locally including a couple school talent events before the release of their first album shortly after graduation, and the rest is history.

     Steven now enjoys a wide assortment of influences including the likes of Periphery, Meshuggah, APC, Veil of Maya, Chelsea Grin, Coheed & Cambria and even some other non-metal influences. You can find him zipping around on his motor bike during his spare time (which is RARE) and more commonly low-riding with his souped up BASS CANNONS. Most of the time however he is busting ass at work to make sure all ends meet.

     When asked how he feels about Convection and the guys today, he responded sarcastically, "I mean, It's pretty cool... beats being bored at home I suppose". Statements like this are common from him and are identified as the main reason he's still around, not because he's good at guitar or anything. In Summary, Steven looks forward to many wonder-filled days of music to come.

Chris Healey (Bass, Backing Vocals):

We're proud to announce the reunion of our long-lost fellow, this time on a new instrument! More to come on Chris soon...

Mathias Fodor (Drums, Samples):

"THE S.O.B."

     I'll tell you what - the character we call the MATH man is something else entirely.

     We'll be getting to his story soon, it's just a LOT to tackle with him being from LA and all... so, COMING SOON.....