< Left to Right: Ben Forbes, Ben Morris, Steven Jacobs, Brian Ellis... Across: Kyle Orr >



Convection @ ZIGGY'S - Chattanooga, TN w/ Cacophony, Alex Abel, The Goetia, & Nomad

> Friday, 10/27/17 - Doors open at 7pm - $5 cover charge <


Convection @ THE END - Nashville, TN w/ Alex Abel & Cacophony

>Saturday, 10/28/17 - Doors open at 8pm - $5 cover charge - 18+ ONLY<

"POLARITY" - 4/28/17

OUT NOW!!! - Buy/Download Here!

A journey through life and the realization of its true meaning and purpose - to continually search for balance in all things. Opposites exist for each other; destroy one side and you destroy the other. Let us unite as one... Polarity is existence. #Convection2017


Progressive Metal / Hard Rock Band from
Nashville, TN (Formed in Gallatin, TN).  > (Est. in June 2011) <


Ben Forbes (The Destroyer) --- Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Brian Ellis (The Creator) --- Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Steven Jacobs (The Enforcer) --- Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals

Ben Morris (The Scourge) --- Bass, Backing Vocals

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> POLARITY - The FULL LENGTH YouTube album stream!!!!!


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