* ALRIGHTY EVERYONE! We have some good news and some bad news. Jacob Williams is no longer a part of Convection, and we are once again without a drummer as of now. It was best for us to... go our separate ways, but we thank him for all that he has contributed to the band and wish him the best of luck with his future.
* DRUMMING POSITION OPEN [as of 6/11/13]. If you are interested, and if you are ready to make a commitment to a potentially serious musical project, simply send a message to the Convection band page and one of our admins (Chris, Brian, Matt or Steven) will respond with more details.
* CONVECTION'S DEBUT ALBUM. Our debut album, titled "Into Darkness" is officially finished as of 6:14 PM on June 11, 2013 - this coming after years of hard work and many frustrating delays. We are now ready to send our first single "Take Me Away" to get mastered, and eventually our entire album. There are approximately 76 minutes of material and 17 tracks included on the project. We are also in the process of recording some cover songs to post on our page for the time being until our original material is ready to be released.
* FUTURE GIGS. Within the next couple of months, we are planning to perform again at The Pizza Machine, and maybe some other local locations. But we also have some bigger gigs coming our way that our manager is planning to book for us. This Fall, we are heading out to MEMPHIS, TN to play at THE HARD ROCK CAFE, and we are also likely to play at Fan Fair 2014 in Nashville.

So overall, CONVECTION has been developing greatly over the past few months and we hope to keep our musical success that way for, well… eternity as far as we’re concerned. We will be updating you all monthly with details in our ‘monthly newsletter’ and, of course, daily as events and developments occur with our band. So be sure to subscribe to our Facebook page and here on our new website's Fan Page for the latest news.

And this concludes our June newsletter. May the cycles of music never end…

With everlasting Love, Logic, and Reason,

CONVECTION - Brian, Chris, Matt, Steven